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PNR Stands for Passenger Name Record.PNR is widely used system in many applications of our day to day life where communication takes place.Just like a address book contains information like Name, Telephone No, Date of Birth etc.PNR system works similarly.Now-a-days PNR used in Airline Reservation, Bus Ticket Booking or simply Railway Ticket Boooking.A typical PNR no used by Indian Railway is made up from 10 digits.These 10 digits helps Indian Railway computer system to uniquely identify you.

Whenever you booked your Railway reservation ticket.A smart computer system algorithm stores your booking information ( such as passenger name, passenger age, passenger dob and similar data you had given at the time of reservation ) in their central database and generates one unique PNR no for your reservation.PNR row not only stores passenger information, but also it stores railway booking information such as Train no, Train Schedule etc

Your 10 Digit PNR no is very important while travelling by railway as it contains booking information.The Indian Railway's Centralised computing system processes 10+ millions PNR rows in 24 hours.PNR no helps IRCTC to uniquely identifies you and your reservation information.PNR no contains information such as reservation seat no along with your coach id.

From a technical perspective , PNR holds these five details :
-The name of the passenger
-Contact details for the travel agent or airline office.
-Ticketing details, either a ticket number or a ticketing time limit.
-Itinerary of at least one segment, which must be the same for all passengers listed.
-Name of the person providing the information or making the booking.

Each PNR no is allocated to you is valid for single journey.After PNR dates expired, PNR no will also flushed from database and will be available for next reservation.Although PNRs were originally introduced for air travel, airlines systems can now also be used for bookings of hotels, car rental, airport transfers, and train trips.

You can find your 10 digit PNR no at topmost right corner of your railway reservation ticket.If you booked your reservation through irctc.co.in by Internet medium then,Please find your 10 digit PNR no next to your booking reference no at your booking confirmation dialog.You can use this 10 digit numerical PNR no to track your current booking status, to check journey schedule, to check if PNR no is valid or not, to check your railway ticket is original or conterfeit, to cancel your reservation etc

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